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Dec 14
What is the Raise Group honours programme?

As a school, we aim to ensure that our students are stretched and challenged, and equipped for the wider world they will be stepping into.  As part of our ‘More Able and Talented’ programme, we have recently created a ‘Raise’ group; this is an honours programme for the more academically able students in our school.

Initially the Raise programme was aimed at Year 12 and 13 in order to raise their aspirations to go to Oxford and Cambridge.  However, it soon became apparent that we needed to include the Russell Group/Sutton 13 universities into this remit.  Also the MAAT working party (which includes schools from all over the Rhondda) felt that Year 12 and 13 was a little too late – students need to be able to consider their option choices carefully in KS3 and aspire to high results at KS4 to ensure they can access the ‘Ivy League’ universities. 

How are students selected?

All KS3 students who are predicted by their teachers across all academic subject areas to achieve a Level 7 or 8, and all KS4 students who are predicted by their teachers to achieve either an A or an A*, have been selected for this group.  Naturally, students would be expected to maintain these standards in order to remain in the Raise group.

This venture is in its infancy but many of our students have already had the opportunity to experience MAAT workshops and trips to enable them to broaden their horizons and consider what they need to achieve to access the more prestigious universities, if this is their life choice. We hope to offer the students many more opportunities within this group.  For example, we are planning on running more creative writing workshops, debating workshops, debating competitions, cultural visits and trips just to name a few.

Dec 02

​If you are part of the RAISE group can you complete the survey by clicking on the link below.