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Pupil Deprivation Grant

 Pupil Deprivation Grant

The Welsh Government introduced the Pupil Deprivation Grant in April 2012. This is additional funding to help address national inequalities between the achievements of children eligible for free school meals and/or children who are looked after when compared to their peers.  At Porth County we have a comprehensive plan to promote progress and remove barriers to learning so that all students can achieve success.

Our School Improvement Plan has one main priority: to continue to raise standards and pupil outcomes at all key stages.

In order to do this we will need to:

    • Improve Learning and Teaching
    • Further develop the literacy and numeracy skills of students

      In 2016-17 we received £249,550 in PDG funding.

      We spent the money as follows:
  1. We employed an attendance officer to ensure that student' attendance is monitored carefully as this has such a huge effect on any students' learning and achievement. 
  2. We employed Wellbeing Co-ordinators across all 3 key stages to look after students' emotional, social or behavioural needs and to monitor their progress to ensure that any barriers to learning are removed.
  3. We employed Learning Coaches to work with students in small groups using personalised programmes when progress is hindered or when students become disengaged.
  4. We employed Basic Skills staff to provide extra help for students who need support with literacy and numeracy.