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Year 7 ICT

Topics you will study in Year 7:
  • File Management
  • Internet Safety
  • CyberBullying
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Creating and using Databases
  • Creating and using Spreadsheets
  • Basic Web Design
  • Graphics

Year 8 ICT

Topics you will study in Year 8:
  • File Management
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Developing Spreadsheets
  • Developing Databases
  • Developing Websites
  • Creating Animations
  • Hwb+

Year 9 ICT

Topics you will study in Year 9:
  • File Management
  • Advanced Spreadsheets
  • Advanced Databases
  • Creating and Editing Movies
  • Developing Interactive Multimedia Websites
  • Advanced Desktop Publishing
  • Hwb+

Year 10 and 11 ICT

GCSE Students will be following the WJEC ICT specification using the full range of business and multimedia software applications available in school. Students will also develop their knowledge of topics such as home entertainment, ICT in business and education and emerging technologies.