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School Mission Statement

' Working together for a better future'


The aims of this school are designed to provide an overall framework, to ensure that every child is given an opportunity to reach his / her potential as highlighted in the following statements.  They are based on the United Nations Conventions on the right of the child (UNCRC). This is a comprehensive human rights treaty that enshrines specific children's rights in international law. 

Right to be Heard

  • We aim to ensure every child's voice is heard, acknowledged and respected
  • We aim to provide opportunities for children to express their opinions, share their problems and achievements
  • We aim to promote positive relationships between children, staff, parents and the wider community.

 Right to be Treated Fairly

  • We aim to create a happy, caring school, free from discrimination
  • We aim to ensure all children have access to equal opportunities throughout a child's school life ensuring individual needs are catered for
  • We aim to encourage respect through a consistent and positive approach to behaviour

 Right to a Childhood

  • We aim to create a safe, nurturing and inspiring environment for all children
  • We aim to provide opportunities for children to learn to succeed, take risks and not be afraid of failure

 Right to be Educated

  • We aim to provide a well- planned and structured curriculum that inspires  learning
  • We aim to provide well- planned, relevant, differentiated activities, where different learning styles are catered for
  • We aim to provide all children with the knowledge and skills that are essential for life-long learning

 Right to be Healthy

  • We aim to provide a safe and stimulating environment to facilitate learning
  • We aim to provide  opportunities for children to take part in physical activities and understand the benefits of exercise
  • We aim to provide a broad and balanced PSHE curriculum that develops the whole child
  • We aim to support parents in a whole community approach towards a healthy lifestyle​

School Prospectus

School Prospectus 2015 16.pdf

 Governors Annual Report

 Governors Report To Parents 2015-2016.pdf

Estyn Inspection Report

Pontyclun Primary School.pdf

​Post-Inspection Action Plan


Outcome of Monitoring Visit Letter

Estyn Letter re Outcome of Monitoring Visit.PDF

Monitoring Inspection Report 2017

Estyn Monitoring Report 2017.pdf