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 Welcome to Victoria Primary School

Dear Parents
   Choosing the right school for your child is vitally important. Most parents want the best education for their child but they also want them to be happy and to feel safe and secure. At Victoria School we believe that we can offer all these things.
   Our philosophy is about developing the whole child and nurturing their unique talents in all areas of learning so that they experience high self –esteem and success. We have high expectations for children’s efforts and achievements as well as attitudes and behaviour. These high expectations are matched by high quality active learning and teaching provided by an excellent team of teachers and support staff who are caring professionals dedicated to the children and the school.
   We are proud of the atmosphere of friendliness and co-operation which is always evident among all children and adults at our school. From your child’s first day with us, we want school to be a positive and enjoyable experience. This is best achieved through home and school working closely together as partners in the nurturing of your child.
   The school has a very clear set of school rules that all parents and children are encouraged to value and follow. Boundaries of acceptable behaviour are clearly defined and breaches of the agreement dealt with promptly and sensitively. Good behaviour is recognised and praised through our reward scheme.
   We welcome you and your child to our school community and look forward to working together as we aim for the stars.

Mrs. S. Daniels
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