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​Thursday 1st

Sept 2016

​Monday 24th

Oct 2016

​Friday 28th

Oct 2016

​Friday 16th

Dec 2016



​Tuesday 3rd

Jan 2017​

​Monday 20th

Feb 2017

Friday 24th

​ Feb 2017​

Friday 7th

April 2017​



Monday 24th

April 2017​

​Monday 29th

May 2017

​Friday 2nd

June 2017

Friday 21st

July 2017


Please note that these dates have been directed by Welsh Government in accordance with Regulations as All Wales agreement was not reached on them.

It is a matter for each school to determine when they take their 5 INSET Days for this academic year.

All schools will be closed on Monday 1st May 2017 for the May Day Bank Holiday.

Significant dates:       Christmas                           Sunday 25th December 2016

                                  New Year Bank Holiday      Monday 2nd January 2017

                                  Easter                                 Good Friday 14th April 2017

                                                                             Easter Monday 17th April 2017

                                  May Bank Holidays            Monday 1st May 2017

                                                                             Monday 29th May 2017



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Begin​ End​  



Monday 4th

Sept 2017

Monday 30th

Oct 2017

Friday 3rd

Nov 2017

Friday 22nd

Dec 2017



Monday ​8th

Jan 2018​

​Monday 19th

Feb 2018​

​Friday 23rd

Feb 2018

​Thursday 29th

March 2018​



​Monday 16th

April 2018

​Monday 28th

May 2018

Friday 1st

June 2018

Tuesday 24th

July 2018​


Monday 4th September 2017, *Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th July 2018 will be designated INSET days for all LEA Maintained Schools. The remaining two INSET days to be taken, will be at the discretion of each individual school. *It is intended that these INSET days will either be taken on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th July 2018 or at alternative times to be decided by individual schools following appropriate consultation with staff i.e. on a weekend, during existing holidays or in the form of twilight sessions.

All  schools will be closed on Monday 7th May 2018 for the May Day Bank Holiday.

Significant dates:       Christmas                           Monday 25th December 2017

                                   Easter                                Good Friday 30th March 2018

                                                                              Easter Monday 2nd April 2018

                                   May Bank Holidays            Monday 7th May 2018

                                                                              Monday 28th May 2018