​At Danygraig we are committed to providing children with the opportunities to develop and apply their digital skills in preperation for life in the 21st century.
Key to this, is ensuring that children and families are aware of the issues surrounding the use of new technologies and the internet. This does not only focus on 'stranger danger', but also on a wide range of other topics related to digital literacy and citizenship such as:
  • Internet safety 
  • Privacy ​​& security
  • Relationships & communication
  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital footprint & rep​utation
  • Self image & identity
  • Information literacy
  • Creative credit & copyright
Children in all classes are taught lessons on the above topics on a regular basis as part of our E-Safety scheme of work. In addition to the principles taught in school, we believe strongly in the role that familes and the wider school community can have in expressing the importance of these messages.

We have provided E-Safety training for parents and the wider community and aim to arrange further sessions soon. In the mean time, you will find some links to websites with lots of information on E-Safety here on our own site.

If you have any concerns regarding E-Safety or would like some advice as to how you can keep your family safe online, please see Mr Curtin who is our E-Safety and digital competency leader and will be more than happy to help.​

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